Økologisk Eterisk Olje | Tea Tree
Økologisk Eterisk Olje | Tea Tree
Økologisk Eterisk Olje | Tea Tree
Økologisk Eterisk Olje | Tea Tree
Økologisk Eterisk Olje | Tea Tree


Økologisk Eterisk Olje | Tea Tree

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Invigorate your mind and body |  10 ml

Organic Tea Tree is bracing and cleansing. Its healing and rejuvenating properties have made Tea Tree the go-to oil when you’re feeling under the weather. Diffuse Tea Tree to support acne treatments, for irritated skin, or to freshen the air.


• Add 15-20 drops to your diffuser (start med 5 dråper, og prøv deg frem)
• Add 2 drops to towels and bed sheets or bed covers
• Add a few drops to a carrier oil for massage (test gradually to check for skin sensitivity)
• Add 5 drops to a hot bath
• Add 10 drops to the bottom of your shower
• Clean the kitchen counter and other surfaces with a few drops of oil blended with soap  

Cleanse your system

Diffuse Tea Tree Essential Oil when you feel under the weather to cleanse your system.

Remove bad smells

Diffuse Tea Tree Essential Oil to remove bad smells.

Healthy nails

Apply to fingernails and toenails after showering to cleanse and maintain healthy nails.

Volant Organic Tea Tree (melaleuca alternifolia) Essential Oil is sourced in Australia and made from steam distillation of the leaves. 100% pure, vegan and no artificial ingredients.

Flere Detaljer

Botanical Name: Melaleuca alternifolia
Origin: Australia
Method: Steam distillation
Plant part: Leaves
Note: Middle - Top
Consistency: Thin
Color: Clear
Testing: Not tested on animals
Size: 10 ml
Shelf life: 3 years unopened
Quality: Certified organic, 100% pure, natural, vegan, non-toxic, synthetic-free material.

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